Small Aperture Fiber-Optic Probes

Small-aperture Fiber-optic Probes are best for testing closely-spaced LEDs. With an aperture of 1mm, and a diameter of 1.2mm/0.050 inches, they can test LEDs spaced as close as 0.050 inches on center.  Small-aperture Fiber-optic Probes are available with straight or right-angle stainless-steel tips as shown below.  This allows for precise customization to your mechanical constraints.  For dimension drawings and full part numbers, please see the Fiber-optic Probe Quick Guide.

Straight Small-Aperture Fiber-optic Probes
Side-looking Small-aperture Fiber-optic Probes: for Side-emitting LEDs

For the most cost-efficient test, you may also want to consider the Small-aperture Trident Fiber-Optic Probes which test three LEDs with a single Sensor.  This method of testing large quantities of LEDs scales up so that testing 3, 30, 300 or any number of LEDs is far more cost-efficient than any other method. This is our most popular Fiber-optic Probe and can be combined with any of our Universal LightProbe Sensors.

For full part numbers  dimension drawings, please see the Fiber-optic Probe Quick Guide

For the full selection of our Fiber-optic Probes, check out the Universal LightProbe Catalog